Working with Jordana has been truly an amazing/life changing experience. When I first began, I had certain health goals that I wanted to achieve: weight goals, and managing stress levels. Not only did Jordana help me achieve these goals, she also made me a lot more knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Jordana has helped me gain a healthy relationship with food and understand the importance of making certain lifestyle changes in order to really feel good about myself. These sessions are like talking to your best friend who cares for you and your health; she goes above and beyond to make sure that she fully understands your likes, dislikes, and concerns and creates a plan that is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

I have gone from eating what I thought was a “healthy” breakfast, having that 10 a.m. craving, and never feeling satisfied, to not having those sweet cravings anymore and feeling satisfied after I eat. Also, I know I don’t need to feel guilty if I do go off my routine occasionally because it will not harm me nor my goals.  I have a new-found understanding and respect for the food I eat, and my body, and it is due to the help and support of Jordana. In order to be successful on this journey, you need to be honest with yourself and fully willing to be truthful to Jordana. She really takes the time to understand each one of her clients on a deeper level and creates great recipes and an amazing plan that is easy to follow.



I have been working with Jordana for nearly three months and it’s been an absolutely incredible experience. I really didn’t know what I didn’t know and no idea how to start. I knew I was fatigued; my adrenals were depleted, and I was running on fumes. Looking after myself hadn’t been a top priority, and when it came to understanding what foods were the right ones, I had no idea.

In our initial consultation call, Jordana asked great questions to get to understand my needs, my daily schedule, how much time I could commit to meal prep, food preferences etc. It was so comforting knowing I was receiving a plan that was tailored for me, rather than something off the shelf. Within my first week on her recommended meal plan, I noticed huge differences. I was sleeping through the night, I had sustained energy through the day and wasn’t having any mid-afternoon crashes. I have to give Jordana extra credit for including so many great immunity-boosting foods, especially over the winter when it seemed like everyone around me was getting sick; I was able to sail through with no illness or burnouts. 

The recipes Jordana curated have been easy to prepare and I absolutely love that I can meal prep for busy weeks and ‘grab and go’ when needed. Jordana has been a fantastic resource when it comes to modifying recipes, especially given the COVID-19 times. With grocery shopping being hit-and-miss, she has given me great tools and alternatives when I can’t find everything on the list. 

Spending time cooking and experimenting with new recipes has given me confidence that I can actually cook, and the meals have all been ‘husband approved’ which is not an easy feat! It has been so good to share the wellness journey as a couple and my husband who has a high-stress job and travels frequently has also noticed improvements to his overall health, sleep and energy by following the same meal plans.

I highly recommend working with Jordana, whether you just need some inspiration in your day to day cooking, or if you are looking for a complete health reset.

Joanna Onia

We are so grateful to Jordana for her coaching and guidance.

When we first decided to work with her, we had several objectives. The most pressing was to spread the burden of healthy meal preparation more equally between the two of us. One of us loves to cook and, for 38 years, has done the majority of the cooking in the household. Secondly, while both of us are healthy and active, we’re over 60 and have begun to experience some physical constraints, including somewhat elevated cholesterol and aches and pains from arthritis and inflammation. Finally, we wanted reliable information regarding healthy choices, ranging from nutritional advice to when to buy organic foods.

Since working with Jordana, both of us are making healthier choices in the mornings, reducing the urge to snack on unhealthy foods before lunch. We’ve begun to incorporate more variety at lunchtime, both by using leftovers from the night before and preparing simple nutrient-dense lunches.

The biggest change? Our so called ‘lazy cook,’ who never enjoyed being in the kitchen, is now preparing meals at least one night a week. He has tackled many recipes provided by Jordana; he benefited from her hands-on teaching and assistance, her calm demeanour, and her non-judgemental manner. He’s even begun seeking out additional recipes that he now feels confident cooking on his own! Wow.

 It’s a great pleasure to work with Jordana, as she is knowledgeable and, most importantly, she is kind and generous. This is clearly a passion and labour of love for her, so she goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients succeed.

Lisa & Jay

“Jo’s seminar was fantastic, and the recipes she shared have been wonderful! Arranging our webinar was so easy, and Jo’s presentation style was genuine, informative, and fun. I recommend Jo for groups large and small; she will be awesome for them all. We did an educational workshop for the first session and are planning to do a cooking lesson with her soon!”

John W.