Parasite support

Your health used to be great, but something feels off these days, no matter how well you eat, sleep and exercise. And you seem to recall having a stomach bug after travelling to a developing country, swallowing too much lake water, or a bout of food poisoning from sushi or undercooked meat… yet all of your tests have come back “normal.”

Intestinal parasites are so much more common than we’ve been led to believe, and they aren’t always the obvious culprit of our health issues. But over time, they can lead to a system breakdown by damaging gut health, stealing nutrients, and preventing the body from functioning optimally, especially if you’ve been trying to heal from something else and it just isn’t working.

Parasites cause a range of symptoms. Some include…


Constipation, diarrhea (often both)

Sugar cravings

Low iron


Bleeding gums


Anxiety, nervousness

Anal itching

Yeast infections

Teeth grinding

Food sensitivities, allergies

Chronic fatigue

Hair loss

Achy joints



Feeling worse around the full moon

Unexplained hunger

I have been there, and there is a way out.

My name is Jordana and I’m a holistic nutritionist and forever foodie. When I started developing allergies and what felt like never-ending food sensitivities, it did a number on my mental and physical health. It started with just a few food allergies, but led to a system breakdown complete with sharp stomach pains, mood swings, hives, panic attacks and total exhaustion. I visited 4 doctors, 2 allergists, 2 naturopaths, 2 therapists and the emergency room. I tried cutting out gluten, soy, dairy and eggs, loaded up on plenty of medications for allergies and pain, and filled my purse with natural supplements. Some of these “solutions” gave me temporary relief, or at least masked symptoms, but  it was never enough.

Even after perfecting my diet, something still wasn’t right. I had done so many expensive tests, including a very expensive one for parasites, and nothing showed up, but my own holistic nutritionist knew I had them… and DID I EVER. (The photos I took are unbelievable!) We discovered I had been dealing with them for 15+ years and had no idea. My experience of eradicating them, through trying a variety of supplements, dietary changes and additional support, led me to become highly passionate about guiding others through the same journey. I know what goes into a safe and effective parasite cleansing protocol and I’m able to support you through it in a healthy way.

How do I know if this is right for me?

This program is designed for someone who either knows they have parasites, or feels this is the likely culprit (which we will determine in our discovery call together),  but who is otherwise healthy and well-nourished. If you need nutritional support via further coaching and education, check out my in-depth Make Food Your Friend program, which includes meal prepping and planning, education on smart and healthy shopping, and a even a private (virtual) cooking session with me.

Already feeling good about nutrition, cooking and shopping, but need help with this specific issue? This is your ticket. Not sure what you need?? Just fill out the application and we can figure it out together on our discovery call.

What’s included:

Complete analysis of your health history, nutrition habits, lifestyle and emotional well-being

Personalized game plan, including nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations

Access to me between sessions to keep you motivated and ensure ongoing progress

Education and take-home handouts on topics including: how you get parasites, anti-parasitic foods, hydration, how food affects your mood, detoxification, digestion and more.

Custom meal plans with recipes

Want to know if this is the right program for you? 

I’ll review your application to see if we’re a good fit and set up some time to talk about working together!