Nutritional counselling

“When I first began, I had certain health goals that I wanted to achieve: weight goals, and managing stress levels. Not only did Jordana help me achieve these goals, she also made me a lot more knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Jordana has helped me gain a healthy relationship with food and understand the importance of making certain lifestyle changes in order to really feel good about myself. She goes above and beyond to make sure that she fully understands your likes, dislikes, and concerns and creates a plan that is suitable for you and your lifestyle.”

Filomena, Teacher

If you already know the basics of nutrition and are comfortable with identifying smart ingredients, cooking healthy meals, and meal prep, nutritional counselling can help you get to the next level. This is ideal if you have specific health concerns that you want to address, beyond what’s included in the 12-week Make Food Your Friend program. If you’re not sure what option is best for you, book a discovery call and we can talk more about it!

We will work together to identify the root causes that are contributing to your current health obstacles. Then, we’ll peel back the layers to heal your body as a whole. Because healing takes time, it’s recommended that you anticipate approximately five sessions. This includes an intake session and four follow-up appointments over a period of two months. Learn more about holistic nutrition and how it works.

You will receive:

  • A complete review and analysis of your health history, nutrition habits, lifestyle and emotional well-being
  • Personalized nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
  • Customized recipe booklets and applicable reference material
  • Online access to me in between sessions for questions and support

For most people, a two-month package (five sessions) is a good place to start. We can evaluate and adjust based on your progress.

    Not sure what’s right for you? Let’s figure it out together! Other package options available based on needs.