Custom meal plans

“Within my first week on her recommended meal plan, I noticed huge differences. I was sleeping through the night, I had sustained energy through the day and wasn’t having any mid-afternoon crashes.

The recipes Jordana curated have been easy to prepare and I absolutely love that I can meal prep for busy weeks and ‘grab and go’ when needed. My husband, who has a high-stress job and travels frequently, has also noticed improvements to his overall health, sleep and energy.

I highly recommend working with Jordana, whether you need inspiration in your day-to-day cooking or are looking for a complete health reset.”

Joanna Onia

If you struggle with what to make each week, where to find recipes and how to create healthy meals that accommodate your restrictions or health concerns, meal plans can be a big help.

To start, you’ll complete a form, where you outline your skill level, major concerns, restrictions, likes/dislikes and time constraints. You will then receive a personalized plan, including:

  • A schedule for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Each delicious recipe
  • A grocery list for the week


1 week

4 weeks

Contact me so we can put together your customized meal plan!

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