Corporate wellness

As a former corporate marketer, I’ve seen how high-stress environments can take a toll on your health and productivity. Canadian companies lose $16.6 billion in productivity per year due to employees calling in sick, and one in four people leave jobs due to work-related stress. When your employees don’t take care of themselves, it can hurt their health and performance—but you can take responsibility.

Workshops for your employees that focus on nutrition and healthy living are a great place to start. Companies that participate in wellness programs report higher revenue, lower employee absenteeism and turnover and 28% greater shareholder returns annually. Aside from the impact of nutrition on physical health, food has a huge impact on cognition, productivity, stress, overall mood and more.

Corporate wellness workshops, usually delivered in a lunch and learn format, help employees take control of their own health so they can show up to work as their best selves. Each session will include 45-minute presentation, with a Q&A section at the end, as well as the opportunity to ask questions throughout. Workshops include visual examples, tips, and recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes. Employees will receive a takeaway after each session recapping the content with actionable tips.

Sessions include:

  • How to heal your gut from years of damage
  • Balanced meals that prevent the midday crash
  • Preparing meals for the work week
  • Making smarter choices when you eat out
  • Fuelling your brain with healthy fats
  • Incorporating stress-fighting foods into your diet
  • Optimizing your sleep and mindfulness for better energy

Additionally, I can coordinate a healthy catered lunch to be served with each session.

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