COVID-19 update: All workshops are available remotely via video and the first one is 50% off.

Corporate wellness

Virtual cooking sessions & educational wellness workshops

“Jo’s seminar was fantastic, and the recipes she shared have been wonderful! Arranging our webinar was so easy, and Jo’s presentation style was genuine, informative, and fun. I recommend Jo for groups large and small; she will be awesome for them all. We did an educational workshop for the first session and are planning to do a cooking lesson with her soon!”

John W., Lawyer

While it’s more important than ever to establish healthy habits that keep our minds and bodies strong, employees are more likely to feel isolated and burnt out in these unprecedented times. There’s so much lingering stress and lack of motivation, whether living alone or caring for a family. Virtual meetings ensure work gets done, but that’s not enough to keep employees resilient and on track.

Address this challenge with an engaging nutrition workshop! Connect team members with one another in your virtual office through a fun and interactive session, including simple takeaways that will empower the team get through each week with confidence. As a former communications professional, I make each session light-hearted and engaging for every age and stage.

What you’ll get: A one-hour session filled with teachings that support physical and emotional health. Employees can ask questions throughout and will receive a takeaway at the end, including a recap and actionable tips. 

Virtual cooking session – From my kitchen to each of yours, we walk through how to make a simple, nourishing and flavourful meal

  • Employees can choose to cook along during the session, or take notes and make it later
  • A grocery list will be shared in advance, with alternatives for missing ingredients and dietary restrictions

Educational wellness workshop – A video presentation, complete with practical visual aids, to take your wellness to the next level.

Session options include:

  • Mood-boosting foods in social isolation
  • How to heal your gut from years of damage
  • Strengthen your immunity: foods, nutrients and lifestyle tips
  • Work-from-home habits for a healthier mind and body

Why does your team need a wellness boost?

In my previous career as a corporate marketer, I witnessed the way high-stress environments can take a toll on your team’s health. Canadian companies lose $16.6 billion in productivity per year due to employees calling in sick, and one in four people leave jobs due to work-related stress. When your employees don’t take care of themselves, it can hurt their health and performance—but you can take responsibility.

Workshops that focus on nutrition and healthy living are a great place to start. Companies that participate in wellness programs report higher revenue, lower employee absenteeism and turnover, and 28% greater shareholder returns annually. Aside from the impact of nutrition on physical health, food has a huge impact on cognition, productivity, stress, overall mood and more.

Feedback from attendees:
“Jordana is a fabulous presenter.”
“It was a great way to get us all started on bettering our health!”
“She is such a delight and so knowledgeable.”
“This presentation helped encourage a lot of folks in the office to start tackling their health issues.”
“A real pro. Her demonstrations were excellent. I learned tons.”
“I thought it was a great presentation, and the hour went by quick!”

Contact me to talk about what we can do for you team.
We can customize it to your needs, including the addition of one-on-one employee counselling.


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