Cooking lessons & grocery tours

CCooking lessons

Not sure where to start when it comes to preparing a meal? Maybe you make a mean grilled cheese, but have just been told that gluten and dairy are off the table for you. Perhaps you know all the classic comfort foods, but you’re looking to swap in some healthier options or those cool superfoods everyone’s been obsessing over. No matter where you’re starting from, we’ll get you to where you want to be.

First, you’ll share a bit about yourself, skill level, dietary restrictions or health concerns, foods you love, and who you’re feeding (is it just you, or is it your kids and all their picky friends?). From there, I’ll put together a game plan with the right recipes and we’ll get cooking.**

Together, we’ll create a delicious and healthy meal that can reproduce on your own. You’ll leave with food to enjoy afterwards and a booklet of recipes.

Need a few lessons? We can totally do it again, with a whole new menu!


Grocery tours

If you find yourself wandering the aisles, wondering which of the 10 different oils is healthy or why there are so many versions of canned tuna, this is the tour for you. We’ll simplify the process to ensure you bring home the best options for your health, sanity and budget whenever you shop. We review which foods to buy organic, ingredients to avoid, how to pick smart pre-made foods, assessing nutrition labels and more.

Before we meet, I’ll ask you to share a bit about yourself: what you eat, restrictions, health concerns and who you’re feeding. Then, we’ll meet up in person, or we can do a virtual “tour” from the comfort of our own homes.** Then, we’ll meet up and shop together. You’ll leave with handouts highlighting lessons from the day, so you’re equipped for smart, stress-free grocery trips every time.


**Can be done in person or via video.

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