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Meet Jordana

Hi there! My name is Jordana and I’m a holistic nutritionist and forever foodie. When everything I ate started making me sick and anxious, I felt lost, alone, and totally exhausted. I was working my way up the corporate ladder, eating what I thought was a healthy diet, and looked like I had it together, but I was falling apart underneath the surface. I spent 10+ years, thousands of dollars, and way too many tears looking for answers on my own, and that’s why I want to help get you through this.

Corporate programs

With more time spent working from home and limited day-to-day social interaction, it’s easy for employees to feel burnt out. Address this challenge with engaging wellness and nutrition workshops! Sessions tackle the biggest obstacles employees are facing, including low mood and energy, high stress, work-from-home habits and smart, simple ways to nourish our bodies in a sea of unhealthy food options.

Work 1-on-1 with Jordana

Food hasn’t been your friend these days. Everything makes you bloated, gives you gas, or causes cramping and you’re exhausted all the time. Eating stresses you out because you just don’t want to feel sick again. Going out to dinner sends your anxiety levels through the roof and no matter how careful you are with your food choices, sometimes you just have to curl up in a ball to feel better.

If only you could feel confident that you’re making smart choices for your body and kick food anxiety to the curb…

Jordana has helped me gain a healthy relationship with food and understand the importance of making lifestyle changes in order to really feel good about myself. I have a new-found respect for the food I eat, and my body, and it is all due to the help and support of Jordana. She really takes the time to understand each one of her clients on a deeper level and creates great recipes and an amazing plan that is easy to follow.

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Make food a tool for healing rather than a source of stress.